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Denver Nuggets: Picture/Video Breakdowns

How Juancho can create points by passing

A forward that can create plays off the dribble and by accurately passing the ball is difficult for teams to defend - here are a few ways Juancho can create plays on offense.

Just how good was Nikola Jokic last season?

NBA analyst Nick Sciria is known to make long threads on Twitter breaking down players games. Recently he shared analysis on Nuggets big man Nikola Jokic and his amazing rookie season.

Emmanuel Mudiay, shoot your shot

A poor start to the season created a perception that Emmanuel Mudiay is one of the lowest-efficiency shooters in league history, but continued improvement over the season should put that reputation to rest.

Video: Danilo Gallinari 2015-16 season highlights

Gallinari was the leader of the Denver Nuggets young team, using his repertoire of offensive skills to lead the team in scoring while also being an example off the court.

CSG Video: Jimmer Fredette talks Summer League

In this exclusive interview with CSG Podcast, Jimmer Fredette talks about living in Denver, his playing improvements and what it takes to get back into the NBA.

CSG Video: Mudiay talks Billups

Emmanuel Mudiay talks about his new relationship with Denver legend Chauncey Billups, as well as what he's looking to do at Summer League and his view of rookie Jamal Murray

CSG Video: Tim Connelly exclusive interview

Jeff Morton from CSG Podcast and Denver Stiffs talks to Nuggets GM Tim Connelly. What was his thinking with the draft. Excellent thoughts from the General Manager.

CSG Video: Furkan Korkmaz Interview (and dunk!)

Furkan Korkmaz speaks to Jeff in this exclusive interview for CSG Video. Hear Furkan talk about his NBA dreams and when he thinks he will be coming over.

CSG Video: Ryan Arcidacono interview

Ryan Arcidacono spoke with Jeff Morton about the bond with his fellow Villanova Wildcasts past championship teams, and what he would bring to the NBA.

CSG Video: Talking to Henry Ellenson

Jeff Morton talks to Henry Ellenson from Marquette in the latest CSG Video. Listen as Ellenson talks about his time at Marquette and his favorite player, Carmelo Anthony

CSG Video: Tyler Ulis interview

Enjoy the latest CSG Video, as Tyler Ulis talks to our own Jeff Morton about what he learned at Kentucky and what he will bring to the NBA.

CSG Video: Wade Baldwin talks about getting better

Wade Baldwin from Vanderbilt University worked out for the Nuggets on May 25th, today's video is an exclusive interview with Baldwin following his workout with the Nuggets.

CSG Video: Josh Scott exclusive interview

Former University of Colorado player Josh Scott speaks to Jeff Morton about making the extra pass and what he learned from Tad Boyle at CU.

CSG Video: Malone talks development vs winning

Nuggets head coach Michael Malone talks about tanking, and the need for development and winning at the same time.

CSG Video: Malone talks lineups at end of games

Nuggets head coach Michael Malone talks about his thought process at the end of games and if he puts lineups based on trust or match up.

CSG Video: Malone talks Gallo, Chandler shoots

Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone talks about Danilo Gallinari and his ankle injury. Wilson Chandler shows off some progress on his rehab.

CSG Video: Karl on Kings, attendance and Faried

George Karl returns to Denver for the second time as his Kings face the Denver Nuggets. What George Karl had to say post shoot around is in today's latest CSG Video.

CSG Video: Jakarr Sampson and Michael Malone speak

Michael Malone and new Nuggets signee Jakarr Sampson talk to reporters after practice. Sampson speaks about his feelings about signing, and Malone talks about the disappointing loss to the Celtics.

CSG Video: Nugs practice after break

The Denver Nuggets come together for a practice after their All-Star break. Michael Malone and Will Barton speak.

CSG Video: From shootaround to locker room

Today's CSG Video looks at the media experience from shoot around to the locker room post game. Hope everyone enjoys

Set of the Week: Weave Flare

Gibson Pyper looks at the Denver Nuggets set of the Week, this time "Weave Flare"

CSG Video: Full post-game Malone audio

Full audio/video from Malone's post-game. The Nuggets beat the Indiana Pacers and the mood was definitely cheery on Sunday night.

CSG Video: Entire Malone presser from practice

In a rare CSG video treat, you get to hear the entire Michael Malone presser from today where he addresses Nurkic's injury, Gallo, Garry Harris and Will Barton ... plus being entertained as a coach.

CSG Video: Mudiay shots, Malone talks Jokic

Nuggets head coach talks Nikola Jokic, and Emmanuel Mudiay shoots around at practice.

CSG Vid: Gallo, Nurkic are set to return

Danilo Gallinari, Jusuf Nurkic and Michael Malone all spoke about the impending return of the two heavily missed Nuggets players today at practice.

CSG Video: Kobe Bryant fans took over Pepsi Center

This was fairly embarrassing ... not only did the Nuggets lose to the Lakers on Tuesday night, but it was basically a road game as Kobe Bryant fans took over Pepsi Center. This HAS to change.

CSG Video: Jusuf Nurkic practice minutes

In the Latest CSG Video, Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone talks about Jusuf Nurkic and his limited minutes at practice.

CSG Video: Mudiay and Malone look inward

As the Nuggets come off yet another home loss, they take a look inward. Mudiay talks about what he needs to work on, and Michael Malone discusses Gallo's minutes and how injuries have affected his rotation. Also, Mario Hezonja makes an appearance.

CSG Video: Does the offense help the defense?

We talk to Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone about if the offense helps the defense or if the defense helps the offense on the latest CSG video.

CSG Video: Nurkic works on some moves at practice

Jusuf Nurkic did some things at the end of Nuggets practice, and head coach Michael Malone talks about his progress and how much the team needs him.

CSG Video: Mudiay and Gallo stay after at practice

Danilo Gallinari and Emmanuel Mudiay work on their game after practice in the latest CSG Video.

CSG Video: Nikola Jokic shoots at Nugs practice

Nikola Jokic showed that his back is recuperating fine in a light shootaround at Nuggets practice.