Day one of Denver Nuggets 2016 Summer League Mini Camp (that’s a mouthful) happened this evening. It was interesting to see the new interactions with the new players, and you’ll be seeing more in-depth videos with the Nuggets rookies and even Jimmer Fredette as the mini-camp progresses this week.

Emmanuel Mudiay spoke to us after day one concluded. Right off the bat, Mudiay was much more confident and talkative in front of the reporters. Seemed to be much more at ease. In the presser tonight Mudiay spoke about the things he has been working on as the Summer has progressed, and, maybe more revealing his view that he thinks he and Jamal Murray can mesh in the Nuggets back court this season.

Additionally Mudiay spoke about how he and Chauncey Billups have developed a bond this summer, and how the Denver legend has become a bit of a mentor to the young point guard as the summer has progressed. This can only be a good thing for Mudiay.

Hope you enjoy the video.