Tyler Ulis, point guard from the University of Kentucky looks to be a late first round pick. A small (5’9″) point guard who’s best asset is running an offense can be very useful in the modern NBA. While the league is looking toward a larger point guards (ala Emmanuel Mudiay) as Isaiah Thomas has shown, smaller guards can still make an impact on the league.

In today’s CSG Video, Ulis talks about what he learned at Kentucky under John Calapari, and what he intends on bringing to the NBA. Additionally we see Wilson Chandler working out. Nice to see. Also, Juancho Hernangomez, Stephen Zimmerman and Diamond Stone do some big man drills designed by Denver Nuggets trainer Steve Hess. It’s supposed to test your endurance in short bursts and will actually improve your core. Looking at that workout, I decided that I would pass out or vomit if I was forced to do such a workout. lol. Yay for being out of shape!

Enjoy the video!