Jimmer Fredette is an interesting case study in the evolution of the NBA. Just a few years ago, someone like Fredette was weeded out of the NBA for being too small and for being too one dimensional. Funny thing though, just in a few short years the NBA has evolved into a shooter’s league … making Jimmer’s particular set of skills (thank you Liam Neeson!) more valuable.

It begs the questions if Jimmer can find his way back into a role with any team in the league. As Fredette told me today, he has been working on his defense and trying to keep people in front of him. Also, does that mean that he can make his way into the league considering his defense and small stature were his biggest faults? As a Nuggets participant in Summer League Jimmer, and the Nuggets for that matter, have little risk involved to see what happens.

Michael Malone spoke to me about being familiar with Jimmer from his time as Kings coach and what he can bring to the Nuggets summer League squad.

Enjoy the video!