Furkan Korkmaz is getting lots of hype within NBA insider circles of late. The 18 year old Turkish shooting guard has impressed with his length at the position (think Klay Thompson in terms of “length”) and his shooting ability. Unfortunately this video doesn’t contain any video of Korkmaz shooting (this is the last workout, and we weren’t allowed to watch shooting in any of the 12 previous workouts that the Nuggets held). However we did get to see a workout with Korkmaz sliding, and a really impressive Dunk at the end of the workout session.

Where will Korkmaz go? That's a good question. The Turkish guard seemed to indicate that he would like to come over to the NBA and "Take control" over his life and decisions. Very interesting stuff in the interview. Korkmaz also talks about for whom he has worked out for so far and his dreams of playing in the NBA.

Pay attention to the Dunk at the end of the video. It was even more impressive in person and showed a bit of athleticism that we weren't sure he had before.