With the Philadelphia 76ers coming to town tomorrow, Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone gave us his thoughts on tanking, winning, and playing for the playoffs. I think you will find that Malone’s thoughts are nuanced on this issue and shows the tug of war between the two thought processes.

Unlike say, dunno, Scott Skiles with the Orlando Magic, Malone seems to understand the need for development with a roster that includes a 20 year old point guard, a 21 year old shooting guard and a 21 year old center. (Emmanuel Mudiay, Gary Harris and Nikola Jokic respectively). with that kind of youth on the roster it’s hard to expect much beyond what development they can give you.

At the same time, who want's to 'lose'? No one. So that part is always there and Malone wants to win as much as anyone. Tanking is never part of the agenda and as an organization the Nuggets have made it clear they won't go down that road.

At any rate it's an interesting debate to be had. Listen and watch Malone's comments and interact below. What are your thoughts?