George Karl shook hands with our former colleague Nate Timmons and myself. He looked me in the eye and said

"HEY! You still working with Andy"(meaning Denver Stiffs co-proprietor Andrew Feinstein)

"Yes." I replied with a chuckle

"Oh, I'm so sorry man"

And that was the very familiar beginning to Karl the post shoot around comments before his Sacramento Kings take on the Denver Nuggets tonight at Pepsi Center. Appearing relaxed and willing to answer questions, Karl appeared to be back in his element.

As he explains in the newest CSG video, coming back and playing at Pepsi Center as the visitor is still a bit odd for him. After spending nearly 10 years as Nuggets coach, that probably goes without saying. However, he was at peace and seemed to be anticipating his second trip to the Mile High City since taking over as Kings coach toward the end of tlast season.

Karl touched on attendance issues with the Nuggets. Additionally he talked about how good it is to see Danilo Gallinari playing so well, and the Kings focus on Kenneth Faried. Interesting stuff today from the former Nuggets coach.

Hope you enjoy (questions courtesy of CSG's own Nate Timmons)