I didn’t know too much about Wade Baldwin the 6’4″ guard from Vanderbilt University until I found out that the Nuggets were going to work him out as of yesterday. I did some studying, and found out that the kid had some special skills on the court that may be of some use to the Denver Nuggets.

In today's CSG Video, Baldwin talks about the skills he developed during his time ad Vanderbilt and how that could potentially translate to the NBA. He also spoke about what he needs to work on in to get better and how he has no one certain skill that he is "great at" but is good at multiple positions.

We also see some dunks from the other workout participants. Tomorrow we will have a video on Ryan Stephan, the local kid who went to Colorado-Mesa University in Grand Junction.

Enjoy this video. Baldwin is a unique character and I enjoyed how competitive he is.