The Denver Nuggets regrouped after 7 days off for the All-Star break to practice in preparation for a big and semi-meaningful game for coach Michael Malone against the Sacramento Kings.

The Nuggets, as always, were loose and care free as they wound down after a tough practice. In today's video Michael Malone talks about getting the team mentally right after a long layoff like this. Before the last two seasons, the All-Star break was 4-5 days long. Now with 7-9 days as a a break it's a little different, so it will be interesting to see how "Fresh" the Nuggets look as well as how rusty they are in Sacramento.

Will Barton had himself an interesting weekend. The Nuggets guard had a big weekend himself in the slam dunk contest, and Barton talks about his preparation for the contest (hint: there wasn’t much) and how he felt about his own experience.

Hope you enjoy!