We’re counting down the 50 best moments of the Denver Nuggets’ 2018-19 season. So many great things happened with the Nuggets over the last 365 days so the Stiffs wanted to go back and re-live some of the very best shots, games, quotes, and memorable events along the way. Catch up on all 50: 50-46 | 45-41 | 40-36

35. Juancho shimmy? Gotcho shimmy.

In Game 5 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals, Denver held a commanding lead over Portland, and Juancho Hernangomez checked in for some garbage time minutes. Juancho took the court to a standing ovation, and the locker room favorite went on to drill a three in front of Denver’s bench. The shot was only half the show though, as Juancho unleashed a shimmy for the ages. 

34. Stiffs Night Out in the land down under

The Denver Stiffs are a global community, and that was on full display when our friends from Australia hosted a remote watch party in Melbourne on December 15th. Close to fifty people were on hand as the Nuggets donated prizes to be raffled off the charity and President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly bought a round to show his support. They raised over $700 for Hope Kids, Colorado as they watched the Nuggets defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

33. Will Barton goes behind the back

It was an up and down season for an injured Will Barton, but among his best personal highlights was this behind the back pass to Plumlee in a home game against New Orleans. We didn’t get to see Barton at full strength this season, but this was vintage Thrill.

32. Nikola Jokic hits one of the greatest shots to not count in basketball history

As the Nuggets put the finishing touches on a shorthanded road win in Toronto, Jokic caught the inbounds pass with about six seconds left and was subsequently fouled. He chucked up a desperation three upon contact and drilled it. It’s in these moments that the referees should be taught to ignore the letter of the law and allow anything this dope to stand.

31. Jokic fakes out the world by pretending to shoot, only to find a cutting Paul Millsap

Jokic outdoes himself with one of the wildest passes you will ever see. In the second quarter of a home game against Atlanta, Jokic went up as if he was shooting a three. Millsap was cutting down the lane, and without breaking his shooting motion, Jokic altered the path of the ball, faking out everyone in the building, Millsap included.