We’re counting down the 50 best moments of the Denver Nuggets’ 2018-19 season. So many great things happened with the Nuggets over the last 365 days so the Stiffs wanted to go back and re-live some of the very best shots, games, quotes, and memorable events along the way. Catch up on all 50: 50-46 | 45-41 | 40-36 | 36-31

30. Nuggets celebrate as Michael Malone and his coaching staff clinch spot in All-Star game

Following a road win in February, Michael Malone walked back to the Nuggets locker room knowing he and his staff would coach in the 2018-19 All-Star game. He was greeted with a shower of cheers as he hugged players and coaches.

“You already know what we got on 3! … Party time!!!!”

29. Nikola Jokic hits a game-winner in Miami

Among the most delightful developments of the season was Nikola Jokic emerging as a crunch time option. In an early 2019 game in Miami, Jokic rumbled down the lane with about 4 seconds left in a tie game and chucked up an awkward floater that dropped. Off balance, wrong foot, and “nothing but net” as Chris Marlowe said on the call. Only Jokic can do something so sweet with such a distinct lack of style. First team All-NBA, baby.

28. Jokic full-court one handed touchdown pass to Murray

Move over Kevin Love, we’ve got a new outlet King. In a home game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Jokic grabbed a rebound with one hand, pivoted, and fired a near full-court pass to a streaking Murray who slammed it on the other end. The best quarterback in Denver.

27. Jarred Vanderbilt debuts, scores, and throws a nasty one-handed outlet pass

Vando barely played during his rookie season, but he’s already a fan favorite in Denver. On January 25th in a blowout win over the Suns, Vanderbilt checked into his first NBA game and injected some life into garbage time. Vanderbilt grabbed impressive rebounds, scored his first point, and put Jokic on notice with a nasty outlet pass of his own.

26. Monte Morris had too good of a season to find one moment, but he was a revelation for the second unit in the regular season

Monte Morris was the backup point guard that the Nuggets were searching for in 2018-19. In what was essentially his rookie season, Morris flirted with the best assist-to-turnover ratio in the NBA and led a second unit buoyed the starters for 82 regular season games. Morris didn’t have the postseason he was hoping for, but he was the pleasant surprise of the season.