We’re counting down the 50 best moments of the Denver Nuggets’ 2018-19 season. So many great things happened with the Nuggets over the last 365 days so the Stiffs wanted to go back and re-live some of the very best shots, games, quotes, and memorable events along the way. Catch up on all 50: 50-46 | 45-41 | 40-36 | 36-31 | 30-26 | 25-21

20. With the 14th pick in the 2018 NBA draft…

As we’re writing this, we still don’t know what kind of player Michael Porter Jr. will be in the NBA or if he’ll ever play at all. But that doesn’t mean that him falling to the Denver Nuggets on draft night wasn’t a complete shot of adrenaline right to the heart and soul of Nuggets Nation. When healthy, MPJ was the best American born player in his class, with a skillset and upside that has drawn comparisons to Kevin Durant.

19. Joker nutmegs Aminu

What gets lost in this highlight is that Jokic threw this pass at a moment when the Nuggets were in a huge offensive rut. A lesser player probably wouldn’t have tried a nutmeg in that moment but Jokic can’t help but draw from his own creativity every second that he is on the court. So if the best angle to slip a dropoff pass requires a soft bounce between the legs of a defender, then so be it.

18. Murray drops back to back 34-point games in the playoffs

Jokic stole all of the headlines with his historic run in the playoffs and rightfully so, but Murray was also making his playoff debut and, like Jokic, he did a few things that put him in rare company. With back-to-back 34-point games against the Trail Blazers in round two of the playoffs, Murray became just the 3rd player to ever score multiple 34-point games before his age-22 season, joining Tracy McGrady and LeBron James.

17. Jokic throws it off of the backboard to himself

Jokic threw enough assists to almost every player on the roster this season that he was long past due for an assist to himself. He actually did this twice in 81 regular season games but the first and most shocking came against the Sacramento Kings, early on in the season. Imagine thinking anyone else in the league was as fun to watch as Joker.

16. The Nuggets got a new rebrand with the clean new Mile High City jersey and the return of the Rainbow Skyline.

The Denver Nuggets began a new era in 2018 so it was fitting that they tipped off that era with a brand new rebrand. New logos, new colors, a return of the iconic Rainbow Skyline, and a fresh new Mile High City look. The Nuggets are on their way to being the coolest team in Denver, and the clean new look is helping to lead the way.

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