The Nuggets have assets. Stacks and stacks of assets who make very reasonable racks on racks. We’re talking opportunity and money.

Hasn't Masai Ujiri been hording assets for a reason? Hasn't that reason been to pounce on a Superstar as soon as one becomes available?

Are Paul Pierce, 35, and Kevin Garnett, 36, still Superstars in the NBA? Well, KG is once again a starter on the Eastern Conference All-Star team, but his teammate Pierce was left off the team for the first time since 2007.

I would caution anyone on wanting to acquire two guys in the same age group as Andre Miller for the young assets Denver does possess. Reader soloking points out in his FanPost – a deal centering around Wilson Chandler, Jordan Hamilton, Andre Iguodala, and draft picks. While that deal might get the C’s talking, Boston would certainly be foolish not to want Danilo Gallinari in any trade. Although, the potential of Iggy’s contract coming off their books, as soon as this off-season, could be an appealing one to Danny Ainge.

Listening to a few podcasts yesterday, one trade idea of Gallo for Pierce came up and it was pointed out that The Truth aka Pierce would be an ideal guy to hit late shots for the Nuggets. Hasn't Gallo been doing that this season? Last count, Gallo has hit seven huge shots late for the Nuggets this season.

We can compare Gallo vs. Pierce pretty accurately as Gallo has played in 1,476 minutes this season to Pierce's 1,490 minutes.

In fact, Gallo has been out-performing Pierce from three-point land as games move quarter-by-quarter. Check out Gallo vs. Pierce from three-point land this season:

Gallo: 3pt QTR Pierce: 3pt
12-51 23% 1st 20-52 38%
19-48 39% 2nd 18-52 34%
34-78 43% 3rd 26-62 42%
21-56 37.5% 4th 12-51 23%
2-5 40% OT 2-5 40%

Just imagine if we could get Calgon to take Gallo away from shooting threes in the first quarter? Well, that'd be just like asking Pierce not to shoot threes in the fourth quarter.

On the season Gallo is 88-238 from deep to Pierce's 78-222. The main gripe with Gallo, at least from Terry Frei in today's Denver Post, is that the Italian, "often looks scared to set foot in the paint or, when he does go to the hoop, is an inept finisher because of timidity."

Does Gallo look timid to you?

Could this ‘analysis’ be true? Does the European steer clear of the paint while American-born players like Pierce and Rudy Gay eat up their competition inside? Is this old way of thinking still true? Let’s let the numbers speak for themselves …

Shot Type Gallo Pierce Gay
Dunks 22-24 91% 15-17 88% 43-54 79%
Layups 54-110 49% 78-143 54% 46-105 44%
Tip-ins 5-7 71% 2-3 66% 3-4 75%
Jumpers 162-440 36% 182-497 36% 182-516 35%
Free Throws 182-222 82% 192-242 79% 121-156 77%

There are two stats that jump out from above. The first being Gay's dunk rate over both Gallo and Pierce, but I'd counter with Gallo's 66 more free throw attempts over Gay as a sign that Gallo is just as aggressive. And you also have to consider that Gay does not have a threatening outside game as he's just 40-129 from deep on the season (31%).

Gallo is developing into a lethal all-around threat on the NBA level. Not only can he score in diverse ways on offense, but he also can create (110 assists for Gallo and 174 for Pierce) and rebound (47 offensive boards to Pierce's 25 / 193 defensive rebounds for Gallo and 234 for PP).

At just 24 years-old and enjoying his finest season in the league (16.8 ppg is a career high), it would be wise for the Nuggets to hold on to Gallo in just about any deal. And it would be wise for teams to request him in any-and-all trade talks with the Nuggets.

FG 3PT FT Rebounds Misc
G M M A Pct M A Pct M A Pct Off Def Tot Ast TO Stl Blk PF PPG
2012 – Danilo Gallinari 41 32.7 5.4 13.0 41.2 1.9 5.3 35.6 4.0 4.8 82.2 1.1 4.3 5.4 2.4 1.5 0.7 0.4 2.0 16.6

I would also encourage readers to check out rxmart2's stats piece on Gallo from Jan. 12th – click here.

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