The Nuggets have three draft picks in the upcoming June 26th NBA draft. They have the 11th overall selection, the 41st, and 56th picks. What will the team do with their two second-round picks? Well, if last season is any indication, Tim Connelly and Co. could look to snag a couple prospects and let them season overseas.

Denver acquired two second round picks in the 2013 Draft and used the 46th pick on Erick Green (his story, detailed here) via the Utah Jazz and the 55th pick on Joffrey Lauvergne via the Memphis Grizzlies. With the Nuggets owning two picks in the same areas this season, they might be able to do a few things:

1.) Use both picks and take a couple fliers on guys that, perhaps, International Scout Rafal Juc has been keeping tabs on overseas. This makes some sense as the Nuggets have vast experience in the front office with hoops across the ocean.

2.) Package both picks to try to move up in the second round, if there is a guy the team really likes.

3.) Trade both picks and get out of the second round entirely.

I have a feeling that option one will be the route the Nuggets go. The team has stated, more than a few times, that the draft is where you get better and you can't get better if you sell off your picks. We will see this summer how Green has improved and there has been quite a buzz around Lauvergne, too. We likley won't get to see King Joffrey at Summer League in Las Vegas, as he will likely be preparing with the French National team, but there is hope that the 55th pick could make a case to be in Denver next season with his play on the court.

If you thought finding the right guy at the 11th pick was difficult, just how hard is it to find NBA guys in the second round? Hopefully the formula the Nuggets are using will help them find a couple diamonds in the rough.