Nordly Capi, Mike Orakpo and Colton Paulhus of CSU Rams Football: Allegedly these three CSU football players thought that randomly attacking some people on the street, and mercilessly beating them while screaming homophobic slurs was a good way to spend an evening. How about staying home and reading a book? Watch TV? Eat Ramen noodles? Isn’t that what MOST college students do?

Corey Brewer’s play in general: Last week Nate Timmons brought up Brewers horrid three-point percentage. This week, not only has his three-point percentage continued to dive … but his overall play has deteriorated so badly that he has become an offensive black hole. While early in the season Brewer saved the Nuggets bacon on a couple occasions (against the Milwaukee Bucks for example) his play his been so bad lately that playing Jordan Hamilton should be priority number one.

Wilson Chandler’s groin: Yep, I went there. I think we can actually blame this “injury” on sitting a month upon getting early release from China. Once he was signed Chandler did ok, but not great, and was in the process of working himself back in to NBA shape. Now his groin is so severe he’s had two MRI’s on it. Not only do I fear for the severity of Ill Will’s injury, but I also fear for his future ability to be fruitful and multiply with two MRI’s on his groin.

Derrick Rose’s clutch gene: Two games this season, once against the Miami Heat and again yesterday against the New York Knicks, Derrick Rose came up empty on free throw attempts that would have sealed those respective victories. Yesterday it led to Carmelo Anthony doing his usual clutch thing and nailing two three-point shots (once to send the game in to overtime after Rose’s missed free throws, and another to win the game in OT) for a Knicks victory. I like the way Rose plays, but it’s almost like he shoulders TOO much responsibility on that Chicago Bulls team.

Colorado Rockies opening series against the Astros: If ever a team had a mediocre start against a sub-par team, it was these Colorado Rockes against last year’s worst team in the National league. It’s only the opening series, but you hope that the team puts forth a better effort than they did over the weekend. In that way, the Rox performance was similar to that of the Denver Nuggets. Just sayin’.