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The Stiff List: Corey Brewer, JaVale McGee make the cut this week ...

Getting fouled must be the reason behind Corey Brewer's poor long distance shooting, right? Right!?
Getting fouled must be the reason behind Corey Brewer's poor long distance shooting, right? Right!?

Corey Brewer's three-point shooting: In March Brewer shot 14% from downtown. I wouldn't mind that number so much had he not gone 5-35 in the month. STOP SHOOTING THE LONG-BALL COREY! If you can't hit a high percentage from deep, then perhaps you shouldn't attempt over two shots per game from beyond the arc. Let's hope Brewer's 1-3 performance against Orlando on April 1st is either more on par or that he'll stop launching it from no-man's land.

JaVale McGee for being an April Fool on April Fools' Day: McGee looked lost, disinterested, or whatever other awful adjective you can use to describe his poor on-court play against the Magic on 4/1. McGee only played 11 minutes, but somehow managed 5 turnovers! He does realize this month is an extended job interview right? Geez ...

The Denver Nuggets defense: The Nuggets started April off on the right foot with a win in Orlando, but the Denver "D" has been atrocious this season. In the last three games, an individual for the opposition has led the way in points scored with Andrea Bargnani getting 26 points, Gerald Henderson getting 21 points, and Jameer Nelson getting 27 points for Orlando. The Nuggets can only go as far as their team defense will take them and that's a scary prospect for anyone who has watched George Karl's bunch closely this year.

DeMarcus Cousins: The kid has talent and is in beast mode right now, according to the unseeing eye. Sure, Cousins averaged 19 points and 9 rebounds in March and has come out with two big performances in April, but his team is still 7-13 during this span. Cousins will definitely parlay his promise/potential into a huge contract that will saddle whatever teams signs him with a big fat horrible deal ...

The possibility of Steve Nash re-upping with the Phoenix Suns: Steve, if you're reading this ... GET OUT OF PHOENIX! Yes, the loyalty is awesome and super rare, but Robert Sarver has done everything in his power to ruin your chances at winning a title. He tore apart your best teams and has left you with a poo-poo platter in Phoenix. It'd be a shame to see Nash not competing for a title in the twilight of his, still flourishing, career.