This Week’s Pickaxe Pundits breaks out a brand new format to cover a huge week in Denver Nuggets news. First Zach Mikash checks in with Adam Mares and Brendan Vogt after the Nuggets’ win over the Sacramento Kings. They talk about the Nuggets not falling for the trap game and the team effort they got in the win.

Next Zach and Ryan Blackburn talk about the Nuggets first loss of the season coming at the hands of none other than LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. They talk about how disappointed the fans should be and whether or not this Lakers team could be someone Denver sees in the playoffs.

Finally, Zach and Gordon Gross bring it home by previewing tonight’s huge matchup against the New Orleans Pelicans and the upcoming road trip against some very beatable opponents.

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Beating the Kings – Adam & Brendan (5:52)

  • Be honest, were you worried about them dropping this “trap game”?
  • 8 players in double figures, is that collective effort more sustainable to win games or should someone be scoring over 25 points every night?

Loss to the Lakers – Ryan Blackburn (16:14)

  • In your opinion what was the main reason for the loss?
  • How discouraged should Nuggets fans be by this loss?
  • Do you think the Lakers make the playoffs?

Upcoming week – Gordon Gross (38:54)

  • New Orleans on Monday, which team’s hot start do you believe more?
  • Is anything but 2-0 on the upcoming road trip a let down?
  • How worried are you about the offensive struggles of Paul Millsap, Torrey Craig and Jamal Murray?