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Nuggets Numbers - Projecting the Denver Nuggets 2018-19 season

Ryan discusses Denver’s season projection and plays some games with Gordon Gross.

Welcome to the first episode of Nuggets Numbers, a podcast focused on the Denver Nuggets, the NBA, analytics, and how they mesh together. The goal of this podcast is to provide Nuggets fans with statistics and information they won’t find anywhere else by focusing on the numbers. The podcast will continue to evolve and incorporate more thoughts and ideas as the season progresses, while bringing on fun guests with a Nuggets and numbers background.

Today, I am joined by Denver Stiffs writer Gordon Gross as we discuss Trey Lyles, NBA win projections, and play some Nuggets related games.


2:00 - Guess the Nuggets Player

9:00 - Nuggets win projections

19:00 - Is this a Nuggets Number?