My colleague Colin Neilson wrote recently about the new in-arena scoreboard that will be unveiled at Pepsi Center this season for both Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and Colorado Mammoth games. Since Colin’s column came out, I’ve received additional details about both the scoreboard and Pepsi Center’s new sound system. And the facts are staggering:

Center Hung Scoreboard Facts:

Largest surface area of any scoreboard in the NBA or NHL (over 4,400 square feet)

• 27’ x 48’ lengthwise with 21’ x 25’ end screens

• Screen spans blue line to blue line in hockey and 3-point line to 3-point line in basketball

• Full 1080p HD capabilities with no image distortion

• Over 8 million LED’s

• Weighs over 70,000 pounds

• Almost eight times more video display viewing area than the old center hung in the Pepsi Center

• Just over 54 Toyota Tundra pickups could fit inside (figuring a truck is 6.34’ x 6.67’ x 19.08’)

• Over 2,000,000 cans of Pepsi could fit inside (if a can is 5″ x 2.75″ x 2.75″)

• Built in Brookings, SD, USA

Sound System Upgrade Facts:

• Upgrade to the latest digital audio and loudspeaker technologies which will rival the sound quality of the best concert sound.

• The new loudspeaker system consists of six line arrays. Each line array is 20 feet high,weighs 4,100 lbs and consists of 10 full-range loudspeakers and 4 subwoofers.

• The power rating for each full-range loudspeaker in the array is 1,600 watts continuous (6,400 watts peak). The power rating for each subwoofer is 2,400 watts continuous (9,600 watts peak).

• The system was tuned for optimum sound quality to match the room acoustics using algorithms used in the aerospace industry.

• The system was designed using a 3D acoustic modeling system which accurately predicts the sound coverage, intelligibility and levels.

Center Replay Control Room Build Facts:

• 5,000 cables were used in the replay control room installation. If stretched end-to-end from the Pepsi Center, the cable would go North up I-25, onto West I-70 and land in the Upper North Parking lot of the Red Rocks Amphitheater (21 miles).

• The room was built with the latest technology available and is designed for 1080p60 production capabilities. This is over 3/Gigabits per second of high definition signal flow and twice the bit rate of current HD production used in news and sports seen at home (1080i60).

• Two separate control rooms will allow both scoreboard replay and, for Mammoth games, a broadcast production feed for live airing on KSE partner, Altitude TV.

• A robotic camera installed under the center hung scoreboard will provide unique tip-off and face-off angles.

• 2200 Diversified Systems’ engineering and project management hours were utilized in the project’s creation, and 24 total people from Diversified Systems worked on the project.

The only thing I didn’t get a straight answer on was the cost. But my gut feel is that this new scoreboard / sound system cost more than one year of Andre Iguodala’s outlandish Warriors salary.

But just because the Nuggets have a shiny new scoreboard and state-of-the-art sound system doesn't mean that in-game entertainment improvements should end there. What other in-game entertainment improvements do you think Pepsi Center could use?

I’ve often written about the Pepsi Center experience (and frankly, it’s an overall in-game experience at most NBA arenas sans Lakers and Knicks games) being too much of a laser show / circus combination where a basketball game happens to break out somewhere between the T-shirt tosses and the corny game show promos. I’ve never understood why the game itself isn’t front and center as part of the in-game entertainment. So to that end, I’m (once again) recommending some basic additions and welcome my fellow Stiffs thoughts on the subject.

Andy's list of in-game entertainment additions:

  • Every game should feature a “This Night in Nuggets History” video highlight, showcasing a legendary performance from the past 45-plus years of Nuggets and Rockets history. And then follow that video with a “Where Are They Now?”-type video.
  • Instead of showing “America’s Funniest Home Videos”-type bloopers, why not show NBA bloopers? And preferably bloopers from within the past two or three seasons and not bloopers from 20 years ago (which were shown this past season after I squawked about the lack of NBA bloopers … no joke).
  • Showcase awesome Nuggets highlights from the week, the month, etc.
  • Showcase NBA highlights from the week, the month, etc. like best Dunks of the Week, Buzzer Beaters, and so forth. Why is this NEVER done inside The Pepsi Center?
  • Bring back legendary players / coaches / teams to present the game ball and honor them before the game. They do this a lot at Staples Center with Lakers legends and it’s a classy touch. But definitely save Dan Issel for last.
  • Half-court shot for a random fan to win a car, cash prize, etc. It’s an oldie but a goodie in the idea department. And maybe the dollar value goes up game after game until someone actually hits the shot.
  • A true “Throwback Night” featuring a game against a throwback 1970s ABA rival, like the Spurs, Pacers or Nets or a 1980s Midwest Division NBA rival like the Jazz, Rockets or Mavericks. BOTH teams wear their 1970s or 1980s uniforms (including the short shorts), upper rafter tickets and some food and beverage items are priced like they were in the 1970s or 1980s, and you bring in a cover band from that era as the halftime entertainment. But just having the cheerleaders and Mark Randall in a wig (as they’ve done in the past) isn’t enough to call a “Throwback Night” a true throwback night.
  • When applicable, post famous Doug Moe quotes on the screen that go with a certain play that just happened.
  • I know Rocky is getting old, but he needs to be more present. I feel like Rocky disappears for entire quarters at a time sometimes. He’s the best mascot in all of professional sports, so let’s use him as much as possible!

So what would you do to improve the Nuggets' in-game entertainment? Please share your thoughts in the comments. And remember, TONIGHT is JaVale McGee's website launch party at Jake's Food & Spirits so please swing by and meet the Nuggets starting center, his family, friends and your fellow Stiffs!

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