Typically, away teams will run through their shoot-around on the main floor at the Pepsi Center after the Nuggets are finished. On some rare occasions the away team will shoot-around at Forza Fitness, which was founded by Nuggets strength and conditioning coach Steve Hess, and on even rarer occasions teams will shoot-around at the exact same time as the Nuggets over at Forza Fitness. The Warriors were one of those rarer occasions today.

The Denver media also learned last night that Andre Iguodala was only going to be made available at this morning’s shoot-around and that he would be unavailable during the pregame period where the locker rooms are open to the media. You can’t blame Iggy for not wanting to answer the same questions over-and-over that were sure to come and it was better to get those questions out of the way early and have the day to prepare for the game.

Let's get into some of those questions here:

Iguodala on facing the Nuggets:

"I don't think it'll be any different than any other game," said Iguodala. "I played in a situation like that before, last year, in Philly. You see some of the guys you got pretty close with, some of the old teammates. It'll be good to say what's up to them before the game, after the game. I think both teams are really trying to get something going, build some momentum, get a win."

Response to Geroge Karl calling Iggy the mole:

"It's kind of like out of sight, out of mind," said Iguodala. "I'm in a different place now, really focusing on the team. Really kind of lost about it, you know … not sure what it means. I felt I played really well in the playoffs last year. Kind of just focused on what we got going on, not trying to let anything outside of my situation … alter my goals."

Surprised by what Karl said?

"Was I surprised? Not really," said Iguodala. "We're kind of in a new media age, where there is all types of information floating around. You never know what you're going to hear, so you can't be surprised by anything."

Being a part of that 57-win team, the best in franchise history, what kind of reaction do you expect from the crowd tonight?

"Uh … not sure. Like I said, kind of with new media it can alter the fans' image, as well. And then it's tough to really celebrate something because it's always 'What's next? What's next? What's next?' So, they're looking for their team to get to the next level, as well as I am. So, I really don't know what to expect."

Did you feel appreciated in Denver?

"Yeah, I think so," said Iguodala. "We did a lot of good things, we had a good team. It usually takes me a while to really get set in my comfort level. But I still felt like we built on something good, we weren't together that long, and we were able to accomplish something that was never done."

On the contract difference between Denver and Golden State, turned down more money in Denver?

"Like I said, it's what information is being let out," said Iguodala. "I didn't see it as more, maybe more from the team, but I didn't see it as more from here [Golden State]. Because it was un-guaranteed. So, when you say un-guaranteed, a number can sound bigger, but it's not really bigger … kind of like football. So, sitting down with my people, we saw a different thing than that."

"What Karl said, obviously you didn't react to it because it's sort of water under the bridge, but you're denying that's true – what he said about you?"

"Definitely." said Iguodala.

On why he chose Golden State over staying in Denver.

"It was a lot of different changes, kind of uncertainty [in Denver]," said Iguodala. "For my game, where I'm trying to go in my career, I felt it was a better fit for me here. I was able to see Mark [Jackson] do his thing for a couple years, the GM [Bob Myers] had been here for a couple years, they were trying to establish something with a new ownership. It was really just a good sell, opportunity for me to kind of end my career here."

Still talk to any former Nuggets teammates, Ty?

"I text Ty [Lawson] from time-to-time," said Iguodala. "I was always a big Ty fan because he's a smart guy, even though he doesn't want anybody to know it. Big fan of his. JaVale [McGee] is an awesome guy too. He's a character, but he also has a brilliant mind. With some of those guys it was more than basketball, so I always want the best for them."

On Brian Shaw.

"I'm actually a big fan of Shaw," said Iguodala. "He's had a lot of success in his playing career. I read Phil Jackson's book, so he has played and coached with one of the best of all time and I think he's going to get it right."