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Gary Harris has fun representing Nuggets in London

Gary Harris spent the past few days living the dream in London

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

As reported yesterday, the Denver Nuggets will be hosting the Indiana Pacers in a special NBA Global Games match in London come January. Denver shooting guard Gary Harris was on the scene to represent the NBA and the Nuggets as part of the announcement.

But Harris wasn't only there for business. Check out some pictures of his trip as he visits some of London's tourist sites:

This pic is so London. Having a great time out here.

A photo posted by Gary Harris (@thats_g_) on

Its been real. Back to the US ✌ ️

A photo posted by Gary Harris (@thats_g_) on

Nuggets vs Pacers in London. January 12. Dope promo setup to announce teams in graffiti @ Stockwell park!

A photo posted by Gary Harris (@thats_g_) on

Apparently he carried a basketball around with him wherever he went, which is ridiculously awesome. Way to go, Gary!