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Kleiza is heading to Greece

Ap_linas-kleiza_medium The Denver Post is reporting that Linas Kleiza will be signing a 2-year $12 million deal with the Greek club Olympiakos.

I was afraid that LK might leave the Nuggets, but at the same time I didn't think he'd really leave the NBA. Denver loses a key reserve off the bench ... and a guy that causes many-a-fans to smash their heads against walls with his inconsistent play.

I was a fan of LK's game initially, but definitely found myself wondering when he was going to realize his full potential ... that's no longer going to be an issue for me since he's decided to leave the NBA. Denver will still retain his rights as a restricted free agent much like the Atlanta Hawks and Josh Childress. So, if LK wants back in the League ... all paths go through Denver and his $2.7 million qualifying offer.

The end result here is the Nuggets losing another member of a team that went to the Western Conference Finals and a Euro League team has poached another NBA player. How will Denver replace LK? Whether you are a fan of him or not ... the bench is now looking paper thin.


Linas Kleiza 2008-09 Exit Interview.

(photo courtesy of AP Photos: Mark Terrill)