In this week’s episode of The Chick N’ Nuggets Podcast, Jena and Reilly have lots to catch up on with the Nuggets recent loss to the Pelicans, win in Orlando and the NBA trade deadline looming. They discuss the recent loss to the Pelicans that shouldn't have been and their win last night in Orlando. While the Nuggets seem to becoming the team we think they are there are still some obvious concerns around their ability to maintain a lead against teams like the Pelicans and Magic.

Not that there isn't a ton to celebrate, this team does have an MVP candidate that continues to perform at a high level night in and night out. But with the trade deadline coming to a close Thursday, Jena and Reilly wonder what trade could improve this team and help them reach their championship aspirations. And that is how a wild game of would you rather breaks out in this episode. Check it out and enjoy!

There are honestly so many topics covered; you’re really going to have to listen to it to know everything.