Here is the latest update from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports on Nuggets guard Arron Afflalo:

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p>Denver sifting offers on Arron Afflalo tonight, w/ some &quot;late-chargers&quot; thickening plot, sources tell Yahoo. Blazers still strongly in mix.</p>&mdash; Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) <a href=”″>February 19, 2015</a></blockquote>
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No idea who those “late chargers” are … hopefully this will only serve in sweetening the pot for the Nuggets as they look to trade the shooting guard. Previously, it was reported that Portland was heavily interested in AAA and that appears to be true at this moment. Hopefully these new “late chargers” will help with the overall package and maybe the Nuggets can start exploiting this for their future.

Additionally the team appears to be motivated to be judicious in how they approach these offers, which can only be a good thing. Patience can only be a virtue, and as the Nuggets proved time and again teams will sweeten packages the longer you wait