ESPN’s all-world basketball reporter, Adrian Wojnarowski, has been leaking information about the potential draft order all day long. Late this evening, he was on ESPN’s draft show when he dropped his latest bomb: Michael Porter Jr., the talented forward out of the university of Missouri, could fall to the 12-14 range he said — placing one of the most talented players of the draft in Denver’s range.

Porter barely played in his freshman season at Missouri after requiring spinal surgery in late November of 2017. The injury concerns robbed Porter of his opportunity to earn a top spot in this year’s draft and in recent days the consensus among mock drafts was that Porter would fall somewhere in the 5-10 range — with many analysts predicting that either the Chicago Bulls or the Cleveland Cavaliers would land him.

But this latest news from Woj changes evertyhing. Woj is rarely, if ever, wrong. And now Denver, who had been pegged to select Miles Bridges in the majority of mock drafts, may have a tough decision to make in the late lottery. Will Denver consider moving up several spots to make sure they get him? What will Denver do if he’s available, but so are both of the Bridges?

After Woj tweeted a list of teams looking to move into the top end of the lottery, and Denver was not included, the most exciting possible outcome for the Nuggets flew out the window — the opportunity to select Luka Doncic. But in the aftermath of the latest WojBomb, excitement and uncertainty have reemerged and permeated the conversations surrounding Denver’s draft night once again.