According to Yahoo Sports Adrian Wojnarowski, the Sacramento Kings and the Golden State Warriors are “intrigued” by Nuggets suspended guard Andre Miller.

From Woj

The Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings are intrigued with the possibility of acquiring suspended Denver Nuggets point guard Andre Miller, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Yet, later on in the article Woj says that overtures for the Nuggets disgruntled guard Andre Miller have been turned away by GM Tim Connelly.

Denver had resisted trade overtures before Wednesday's encounter between Miller and Shaw on the Nuggets bench, and teams reaching out to the Nuggets on Thursday insist that Nuggets GM Tim Connelly still seems committed to working through the issues with Miller and getting him back on the floor for Denver.

It is an interesting proposition from the other teams. Not entirely sure what the Dubs could offer for Dre that would interest the Nuggets. The Kings? Dunno. Seems like a stab in the dark by two teams that would like a veteran back up point guard. At this point, the Nuggets have the leverage and a partial guarantee on Dre Miller's last year on his contract.

Will be interesting to look at how this will all pan out.