A total photo finish!


Safe to say that the first Derailed Ink shirt giveaway was a complete success. Lots of emails flooded in within the first few minutes! But there can be only one winner … actually two emails popped into my inbox at the exact same time so I feel compelled to announce the two winners of the first giveaway:

1.) Stephen from Kentucky. He has already announced that he’ll be, “(W)earing that shirt proudly in the bluegrass state.”

2.) Battlecat from Colorado.

The correct answers were: James Posey, Chris Herren, and Francisco Elson.

If you guys are regular readers and want to include your Handle name to be posted (like Battlecat) that would work.

Thanks again to everyone who wrote in. Nobody sent in a wrong answer, but I did have a few incomplete entries on some later entries – so be sure to read over the rules again carefully.

I'll be updating the rules with the next entry so be sure to check back soon! Best of luck on the next three giveaways.



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