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A tip from DeRailed Ink: Wash your shirt inside/out to help protect the design. I always used to wonder why my girlfriend washed her clothes inside/out … now I know … she was smarter than me … go figure!


You guys are killing these contests. The questions are fairly easy, but the speed with which the responses get sent in are impressive!

The Answer: The other Big 12 school was Kansas. And the future NBA player that sort of took Billups' scholarship was Paul Pierce. Interestingly enough, the Nuggets passed on Paul Pierce in the 1998 draft and selected Pierce's teammate at Kansas Raef LaFrentz with the 3rd overall pick. Looking back … WHAT A MISTAKE!

There is one clear cut winner for this one and it's: PosterNutbag, Colorado.

Great work everyone and be sure to check back here today at 4:00 p.m. for the J.R. Swish shirt giveaway … this time we wont be doing any trivia! Stay tuned …


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