According to a radio interview with Brian Windhorst of ESPN, the Cleveland Cavaliers are still attempting to trade for the Nuggets (current) starting center Timofey Mozgov (starts about the 18:00 mark of the provided link). David Blatt coached Mozgov on the Russian National team and is very familiar with his game.

Of course the Cavs would Love to have Mozgov on their team, but what is incredibly clear is that the Nuggets like Mozzy more and the Cavs have virtually nothing to offer in terms of trade. Nothing. So it would seem that it would be a non-starter from the very beginning.

Yet, it does indicate the value of Mozgov. If people around the league are calling and asking about him then you know that the team has that one guy. What this means for the Nuggets going forward is intriguing, and it shows that Mozgov impressed around the league (regardless off his past relationship with Blatt) and this will make for a very interesting competition for the starting center slot coming into this next year. Brian Shaw maintained at the end of last season that the center spot would be an open battle between Mozgov and JaVale McGee, who is returning from injury after appearing in just four games with the Nuggets last season.