Wilson Chandler isn’t known for flashy play. His game, like his off-court demeanor, is known for being smooth, steady and without flash. Occasionally, though, Chandler will surprise you. Like those times when he fakes a three to have a defender jump out of his shoes, then drives the hoop for a throw-down dunk over a seven-footer.

Enjoy this, Nuggets fans: Chandler may a be a laconic jack-of-all-trades, but he can still get up and finish strong.

Even non-homer announcers though that was pretty sweet. What did Gallinari think about it?

Gallo seemed to enjoy watching that dunk, although since he doesn’t think much of the Lakers right now maybe he’s just taking more pleasure in shutting up the crowd. And as a bonus, here’s a good top-10 ranking montage of Chandler’s career dunks. There’s some nice stuff in there, but last night’s aggressive finish ranks with any of those. Where do you think last night’s dunk fits in?