Wilson Chandler sat down with Mass Appeal, an urban culture and style company, to talk about a variety of topics – most of them off the court. From his upcoming trips to Africa to his interest in both Andy Warhol and HOV, he covers a lot of ground. Chandler wasn’t asked many NBA questions and the Denver Nuggets did not come up (or they did not do those questions on the record) but it’s a good look at Chandler’s offseason and a bit more of the private life of a fairly private person. An example:

Any side hustles? Investing in any businesses or anything?

Yeah, I got a few side hustles [laughs]. I help out with this company called Orreco, it’s a technology-based company, like for athletes to study, get all your data, and help you with your body, recovery and stuff like that. Also I got this company called Bellies that I help out with. It’s  a start up based in America. Each pair you buy, a percentage of that money goes to feed a kid here in the United States. We’ve been working on it for a couple years now, starting to get things up and running now.

Pregame music?

Yeah, pregame music! It depends on games, but I’m a big 2Pac fan, so 2Pac is always in there. I’m a big Nas fan, so Nas is in there. The first three albums, I pretty much stay around that. Dipset is in there a lot. And I listen to a lot of pre-2012 Gucci Mane and Jeezy. The older trap music.

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