This is one of those games where you'd like to forget that the first half ever happened, but due to contractual obligations with Major League Baseball and this broadcaster … I am obligated to give express written consent to the following box-score.


Final – 4.10.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
San Antonio Spurs 18 19 26 23 86
Denver Nuggets 11 27 31 27 96

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Weird game yo. The Nuggets fell behind 14-0 and looked like they couldn't score to save their life. In fact, as you can see above, they only finished with 11 points in the first quarter. Yet, this was one of those games where quoting anything that the Spurs were doing would be irrelevant. This was one of those games where you knew if the Nuggets pulled their heads out of their collective rear ends that they would win the game

Here’s some stats for ya, Wilson Chandler 29 points (great game), Corey Brewer 28 points (great game), Andre Iguodala had a triple double 12 points 13 rebounds and 10 assists. Actually Iguodala also had 7 turnovers as well … but we will forgive that for now. You add in JaVale McGee playing a great first half against Tim Duncan again (seriously, we need to make it mandatory that he only play the Spurs) with 2 points 10 rebounds and 4 blocks.

After about mid-way through the second quarter there really was no doubt who was going to win this game. Tim Duncan didn’t even play most of the fourth quarter and you got the feeling that Gregg Popovich could care less about winning the game after a certain point. Pop does strange things sometimes…and while the Nuggets were going on a 12-0 run he didn’t even pretend to LOOK like he was going to call a time out. Just looked…nonplussed.

Chandler played a great offensive game and the Nuggets needed his spark, along with Corey Brewer to light a fire under them (outside of Brewer’s awful first 3-11 shooting). Chandler definitely brings different things to the game than Danilo Gallinari in that Chandler is a straight scorer defender and Gallo is more like Iguodala in playmaking. That’s why comparing the two was always silly. Two completely different players. That being said I love Chandlers aggressiveness and hopefully it will continue.

The Nuggets managed to improve to a remarkable 8-1 without Ty Lawson, 4-3 without Danilo Gallinari and 2-0 without them both. I am beginning to think that the importance of both players was very much overstated for regular season victories. Hopefully the Nuggets resilience can translate to the post-season should the Nuggets hold on to the third seed. The team also improved to 54-24, tying a franchise record in victories with four games remaining. Franchise record is in site.

Nuggets need to keep in poppin against the Mavericks on Friday. One game at a time



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