Chris Marlowe is providing us with the next bit of juicy Nuggets Media Day news. This time it's a conversation in the elevator which provides the scoop. According to Marlowe, Barton said he has a much improved jumper that he has definitely taken notice of in practice. As we all know, practice is one thing but games are another and it looks like Barton knows this as well. Here's hoping all the work translates to gametime as the Nuggets certainly could use more reliable shooting from Barton and the SG position in general.

Marlowe also noted in another tweet that Barton has bulked up to 188lbs. I don't think anyone will ever accuse Barton of having issues with weight so some bulking up is probably a good thing. Barton said it was a combo of diet and training that helped him gain the weight. Lets be honest though, if you're going to play for the Nuggets, its only a matter of time before strength and conditioning coach Steve Hess starts bulking up your frame.