A couple of interesting tidbits from Will Barton at Media Day today:

On charity work in Baltimore – "We need to shed light on the positive things about Baltimore."

On what he worked on this offseason – "Getting my jump shot more consistent, being more vocal on offense and defense. I always try and work on defense…just trying to have a more mature game."

On being the best dunker on the team – "I'm not going to say I'm the best, I think what people like about me is I give them a little more flair."

On working on his shot – "I didn't really change my technique or anything, just realizing things…being more ready to shoot when I shoot, keeping my wrist and my hand up there and getting a lot of reps, getting A LOT of reps."

On Coach Malone – "He loves guys that love basketball and he sees that in me…I just have to go out there and not worry and focus on doing what I got to do for this team."