No mere fever could keep Will Barton down. A game after Jameer Nelson wanted the young Denver Nuggets to be aware that Barton was playing after having a fever of 105, he netted a career-high with 8 assists and poured in 26 points in a tremendous effort.

The Nuggets got Barton from the Portland Trail Blazers as the throw-in with a first-round pick that turned into Malik Beasley. The Blazers received Arron Afflalo, which did not work out for them, and then to patch the hole they paid Evan Turner $70 million dollars to be significantly worse than Barton. Ouch.

Will the Thrill gets better every year, and the Nuggets are reaping the rewards. Check out the video of him dismantling the Lakers and be happy he’s a Nugget, Denver fans! In an offense that is playing like one of the best in the league, Will Barton is doing his part to keep it in the stratosphere.