Some teams, individuals and other such entities need a hug for Mothers Day from mom. Who makes the list this year?


Sometimes, when life gets you down, you just need to run back to the comfort of dear old mom for a hug. This Mothers Day, let's help those who are down and out with a big hug and a pat on the back.

Russell Westbrook. If anyone needed a big hug it’s him. Down the stretch yesterday against the Memphis Grizzlies in game 3, the Thunder point guard missed all but two of his shots. In fact, in a series of five straight possessions in the last four minutes of the fourth quarter he did not get Kevin Durant the bastkeball – two of those possessions KD was wide open. While the Grizzlies defense was superb down the wire (particularly Tony Allen) Westbrook didn’t exactly acquit himself with grace and dignity. Two costly turnovers in OT plus a silly offensive foul on Zach Randolph (where Westbrook threw out his elbow on a pick) brought up all the questions that were surrounding RW. Is he too much of a hot head to lead in a game where everything isn’t going perfectly? Will he shoot you out of games? These are questions I’m sure Thunder fans are asking themselves right now.

Pau Gasol. What the HELL has happened to him in these playoffs? While he played better in game three for the Lakers in Dallas Friday night, he had Phil Jackson so angry at him that Jackson was angrily tapping Gasol’s chest. It makes you wonder what’s going on with Pau’s head. There have been rumors of fiance issues. Maybe his time in LA is at an end? Who knows. Yet, with the Lakers down 0-3 maybe it’s the whole team who needs a hug, not just Pau?

– The Colorado Rockies bullpen. Wow. Three straight games blown. Three straight good outings from starting pitchers. While the Rox offense isn't great at the moment (scoring 3, 3, and 2 in the last three games) the bullpen is absolutely spoiling good to great outings (particularly Ubaldo Jimenez game before last). Maybe the Rockies bullpen needs more than a hug? Maybe an infusion of more reliable arms? Matt Daley? Who knows…at this point the Rockies need to stop the bleeding. Fast.

Nuggets fans. With the Dallas Mavericks and Memphis Grizzlies playing terrifically in their second round series, we are left to wonder – what if? Sadly, two teams that the Nuggets match up well with are heading toward a showdown if things hold true to their current form. It makes it even more frustrating when you see Dallas, a team the Nuggets seem to match up well against, with the first three games of the series against the Lakers. Anyone else need a hug? I know I do.

Lastly, I'd like to wish all the mothers out there happy mothers day. Almost six years ago an accident changed the mother I used to know permanently. While vacationing in Mexico my mom had a stroke and fell backwards down some concrete stairs, severely damaging her brain. While she has regained most of her cognitive ability back, the mother I used to know is gone. This makes me appreciate Mothers Day even more.  While I didn't have the greatest of relationships with my mom, I do find that I miss the little things she provided more and more as I get older. If your mother is still with us, give her a hug. If she is not, remember the good times.

I know that's what I'll be doing. Happy Mothers Day.

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