Nikola Jokic’s Most Valuable Player odds

-400 at DraftKings Sportsbook making Jokic the favorite to win NBA MVP

Nikola Jokic’s MVP candidacy has been discussed so often and with such vitriol that it has become a radioactive war zone. In a day and age where much of the national discourse swirls around drama and entertainment, it appears the ability to discuss MVP through the lens of the basketball being played has become virtually impossible in many circles.

Still, despite the anger and frustration that emanates from every national discussion about Jokic’s chances of winning his third MVP, he is still by far the odds-on favorite to win according to DraftKings Sportsbook.

I am not going to list advanced metrics and I am not going to spend the next 5,000 words getting into the divisive question of if Jokic is a good defender. Instead, I want to leave readers with this thought.

Since when did watching someone play basketball so beautifully generate such anger? Maybe instead of trying to find a non-basketball reason to hate an incredible player just for the sake of argument, we should all enjoy his feats on a basketball court regardless who wins MVP.

Try to enjoy things a little, will ya?

Top-five odds tow in NBA MVP at DraftKings Sportsbook

  1. Nikola Jokic: -400
  2. Joel Embiid: +475
  3. Giannis Antetokoumnpo: +650
  4. Jayson Tatum: +3000
  5. Luka Doncic: +4500

Michael Malone’s Coach of the Year odds

+340 at DraftKings Sportsbook giving Malone the third-best odds tow in the award

For years, it has seemed like Malone has been overlooked as one of the premier coaches in the NBA and finally, he has a chance to receive his flowers for the job he has done during what has been arguably the best era of Nuggets basketball.

The Denver Nuggets have been the best team in the Western Conference all season long and it will be hard to keep him out of the running for Coach of the Year if the Nuggets manage to finish the regular season in the same fashion they have played all year long.

Yes, Mazzulla in his first full year at the helm of the Celtics has been incredible and what Mike Brown has done with the Kings cannot be understated, but Malone has a case right along with them.

Top-five odds to win Coach of the Year

  1. Mike Brown: -240
  2. Joe Mazzulla: +200
  3. Michael Malone: +340
  4. Mike Budenholzer: +900
  5. Tom Thibodeau: +1000

Nuggets odds to win the NBA title

+650 at DraftKings Sportsbook giving Denver the fourth-best odds to win the NBA Finals

Could the Denver Nuggets really find a way? Could this really be the season the Nuggets win their first ever NBA title?

For the first time, everything is in place for the Nuggets to truly make a run at the ultimate accomplishment. They have the depth, they have their superstar in Nikola Jokic, the perfect running mate in Jamal Murray, their glue guy in Aaron Gordon, and a ceiling raiser in Michael Porter Jr. plus a host of solid wing defenders.

Now, will injury luck be on Denver’s side and will they be able to perform when the lights get brightest? Those are the last questions the Nuggets need to answer.

Top-five odds to win the NBA Championship

  1. Boston Celtics: +330
  2. Phoenix Suns: +380
  3. Milwaukee Bucks: +450
  4. Denver Nuggets: +650
  5. Philadelphia 76ers: +1100