Dstiff_final-2-small_mediumIf you’re a reader of Denver Stiffs or Pickaxe and Roll and notice that things look very different today, it’s because we’re proud to announce that Denver Stiffs is now Pickaxe and Roll, and Pickaxe and Roll is now Denver Stiffs.

Or something like that.

Simply put, we've merged two of the top three most read Nuggets blogs into one to bring you – Nuggets fans everywhere – what we hope will be the most in-depth and comprehensive Nuggets fan site around.


We've decided to merge for several reasons. First, although we have different personal ambitions in regards to writing about the Nuggets, we share the same goal: to make this site the preeminent source for all things Nuggets and the first online destination for Nuggets fans worldwide. 

Second, we believe our skill sets make for a good match. Having just renewed his share of season tickets for 2009-10, Andrew will continue to comment on all things Nuggets as the "voice of the fan." Nate, on the other hand, aims to eventually bring the readers of this blog a unique perspective direct from Nuggets players, coaches and management not being covered elsewhere. 
And finally, we feel that this combined site is the best possible forum for our readers to voice their opinions and commentary about the team we love. No two Nuggets blogs have better, more loyal – and more vocal! – readers than Denver Stiffs and Pickaxe and Roll. By bringing you together into one place, we'll have one of the most vibrant fan communities on the web for any team in any sport.

There will undoubtedly be some overlap and some hiccups along the way as we work through this new endeavor together. On simple things like game previews and recaps, we have agreed to split these up 50/50. But when trades or major Nuggets news breaks, we'll have to tackle them on a case-by-case basis and may often end up writing about the same topic periodically. We trust that you'll bear with us as we work all this out.

From a reader perspective, the new Denver Stiffs gives all readers the opportunity to engage in a more communal debate with Nuggets fans worldwide while also providing a forum for you to write your own articles whenever you want … and have them commented on by us and your peers. Holdovers from Pickaxe and Roll are familiar with this process and have started to create their own original content more-and-more. The only caveat is that you must be a registered member (which is free and takes about 10 seconds to set up). No more "Anonymous" commenters, sorry!

From a layout perspective, we are working to set up the home page to be more "Deadspin-esque" – i.e. you'll see a sampling of all the current articles represented by a small image together with a sentence or two. This way, if either one of us writes a lengthy piece soon after another, we're not cannibalizing each other's content. Moreover, this will enable us to link out to other Nuggets-related content on the web without it pushing our own work way off the page.

Moving forward, we couldn't be more excited to work together and to bring our work to our collective group of fantastic readers. We hope you look at this site like we do: an ever-evolving forum for intelligent and passionate Nuggets talk with a unique perspective that can't be found anyplace else on the web. In the near future, expect to see more reader feedback columns, contests, Denver Stiffs T-shirts, and in-town events, too.

As always, we're open to any feedback, comments or criticism you may have as we continually look for ways to improve the new Denver Stiffs to best suit you, our valued readers.

Wish us luck as we move things forward, and collectively now….


Kind regards,

Andrew and Nate