In this episode, I am joined by my friend and one of my favorite follows on basketball twitter, Dave DuFour. Dave hosts the “On the NBA podcast with coach Dave” and is a frequent co-host on BBAllBreakdown’s podcasts and live shows. Dave and I have also recently launched the B.O.D. (Basketball On Demand) podcast where we talk about the NBA.

We spent an hour gushing about the Nuggets bright future, what Nikola Jokic will look like next season, Jamal Murray’s star potential, and how well Paul Millsap fits with the Nuggets. It’s a really good conversation that was a lot of fun to record and I hope it is as much fun to listen to. Dave doesn’t have a rooting interest in any NBA team but he is really high on a lot of the Nuggets’ young talent. Check it out, give him a follow on Twitter, and be sure to check out his podcast and live post-game show with BBallBreakdown’s Coach Nick.