Cruising the interwebs this morning, we see very little NBA action. Amare Stoudemire looks to be headed to Dallas and the Jazz want a King's Ransom for Enes Kanter, apparently (they must be taking a page out of Tim Connelly's playbook in Denver).

Want to create your own NBA mock draft? Check this link out from Real GM!

And if you are out there thinking about Mock Drafts, you must be aware that the Nuggets have the right to swap draft picks with the New Yorks Knicks in 2016 (thank you Carmelo Anthony! Serious, he helped the Nuggets with his trade). So, I've been paying close attention to NY and the crazy moves they are making. Could they really be a threat to sign LaMarcus Aldridge?

And one of the most active voices in the NBA trade rumor gang is Steve Kyler from Basketball Insiders. He has a piece up today with very familiar information we've been hearing about the Nuggets through various national outlets, local too.

Let's start with Chandler and Afflalo; the Portland Trail Blazers and Charlotte Hornets have expressed interest in acquiring either player, with Chandler said to be Portland's prime target, while Afflalo is Charlotte's prime guy. The Chicago Bulls were said to be sniffing at both players as well, but may not be willing to deal anything that matters, putting them in the third chair on a deal.