In this episode, I am joined by two of my friends and fellow bloggers, Kirk Henderson and Doyle Rader from Mavs Moneyball. The three of us start out by discussing which fanbases annoy us the most and some general NBA chit chat. In segment two, we compare Dirk Nowitzki and his 21 year career (and counting?) in Dallas with Nikola Jokic who is just starting out his career in Denver. Kirk and Doyle provide some perspective on Dirk’s personality in his first few years and how he evolved over time, his relationship to the local media, and what fans thought of him early on. In the final segment, we preview the upcoming game and talk about the newest young NBA star, Luka Doncic. 

It’s a great discussion and you should absolutely follow these two guys on twitter if you are a twitter kind of guy. They are both a lot of fun.