Happy December 15th!

Free agents who signed new contracts before Sept. 16th this summer are eligible for trades – starting now.

The Nuggets clearly need to shake things up. The vaunted depth of the roster, perceived as one of the deepest in the league, has thus far only served to create headaches for Brian Shaw and the front office. Multiple injuries to key players (Faried, Gallinari, Foye, McGee) and poor play (Nate Robinson) have hamstrung this team’s ability to compete in the Western conference. Although the team is somehow just 1.5 games behind the Phoenix Suns for the 8th seed, the team can ill afford to continue this second extended losing streak.

So, put on those GM hats: if you were Tim Connelly, what would you do?

Record: 10-14 (12th in West, 11 1/2 GB)

Here's a snapshot of the Nuggets' current roster and current salary cap situation, courtesy of ESPN.com:

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The Nuggets are in a tough spot. While they would certainly do well to leverage their depth in trade proposals, with the volume of injuries and just two tradeable expiring contracts they'll need to get creative with any trading partners.

Outside of trading/firing Brian Shaw, what kind of realistic trades do you think this team could pull off to improve the Nuggets chances of making the playoffs this season?

Unless you (like me) increasingly believe that this team will not make the playoffs this season. In that case, what trade would you make to improve the Nuggets in the long term, or over the next few years?