In 1976, the Denver Nuggets were one of four American Basketball Association teams to be absorbed into the National Basketball Association. 34 years later, the Nuggets are the only ABA holdover never to have appeared in an NBA Finals.

In fact, the Nuggets 33-year tenure in the NBA has produced just three Western Conference Finals Appearances, a mere six 50-win seasons, 12 first round playoff exits (including six of the last seven), 13 seasons in which the team missed the playoffs altogether, and three in which the team didn’t even win 20 games. And our cumulative record? 1319-1437 (a .478 “winning” percentage).

To quote legendary Nuggets coach Doug Moe, this franchise has been chock full of “Stiffs” for over 30 years. And we – the fans – aren’t going to take it without standing up for all the members of Nuggets Nations.

Without any reservations, restrictions or semblance of good taste, this blog speaks up for Nuggets fans everywhere. In return for the hard-earned money we pay for tickets, apparel, food and parking at the Pepsi Center, and so on, all we ask is that our owner, management, coach and players care more about the outcome of each game than we do. For if they don’t, this blog will put them on the STIFF LIST and demand that they either shape up, or ship out.

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Andrew and Nate
Lifelong Nuggets Fans