Just like the recent election and whether you agree with the decision or not, the Nuggets, like the USA, are going to experience change.

Tonight for the first time since 1999 Chauncey Billups will play a home game in the state of Colorado. It will also be the first time since the days of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf that the Nuggets put a point guard on the floor who could make 40% of his three pointers (and actually Rauf never hit more than 39.2%, but we will give him the benefit of the doubt).

It has also been a while since the Nuggets have had a player in the locker room who actually earned a championship ring.

From what I can surmise after 25 minutes of harried research the last Nugget who had been part of a championship team before coming to Denver was Devin Brown who won a championship with the Spurs (I think) in 2003. However, he only played in seven games and the last of those seven was game 11 of the season. Not exactly a major contributor to a title winning team. The last time the Nuggets had a player on the roster who actually played an important role for a championship team was the 2001-2002 season. Avery Johnson, the starting point guard for the Spurs first title team in 1999 played 51 games for Denver in 2001-2002 and he was simply biding time until he became a coach.

No one will debate that Chauncey is still in the prime of his career, but he still has several productive seasons ahead of him. He brings the exact mindset and skill set to the table that the Nuggets have been lacking for years. With all due respect to Andre Miller you might have to reach as far back as Fat Lever to a time where the Nuggets had a point guard as well suited as Billups to play in Denver.

Before I get carried away, we better slow down a bit here. I am not saying Billups will turn the Nuggets into an instant championship contender, but the Nuggets should become a more efficient team on both ends of the floor. How far that will get them is up for debate, but before the trade reaching the playoffs was an iffy prospect at best. Now the Nuggets are considered a near lock to make it.

Welcome back Chauncey. We cannot wait to see you in action again.