Anyone that has ever been in the same room with Nuggets strength coach, Steve Hess, knows that the guy radiates positive energy. You can just stand within ear shot of the man and your attitude and enthusiasm increases ten-fold.

Last month, Hess sat down and talked with Anel Ganic of Slam Magazine and shared some insights. Even though the interview is a few weeks old, it's still a worthwhile read. I'm particularly impressed with Hess's humility and work ethic, two things that shine through in almost everything that he says.

On his approach with players:

“Then I’m going to slowly build you up. I want to create a huge benefit of what you have available. Build on that. Get you going. Get you excited. If you start telling me about your girlfriend, I don’t want to hear about it [laughs]. We’re here to do one thing. We’re here to train.
On working with Juancho Hernangomez:
“My man from Spain (Juan Hernangomez). He came in for a workout and he’s geeked. Rudy Fernandez hit me up and was like, “Look, you better take care of my guy.” So, yeah I’m excited. We’re going to create a beast.
The entire interview is really fun and fascinating. Check it out!