You might have missed an outstanding performance by a Denver Nuggets player this weekend and it wasn’t Gary Harris or Nikola Jokic. Oh no my friends, it was none other than the Slovenian Cyborg Vlatko Čančar who is currently playing overseas in Liga Endesa with San Pablo Burgos. On Sunday, Čančar and company took on none other than vaunted Spanish basketball powerhouse Real Madrid, aka the team that Luka Doncic used to play for. Make no mistake, Real Madrid is really really good. They are the defending Euroleague and Liga Endesa champions, are undefeated on the season and feature former NBA players Anthony Randolph and Rudy Fernandez (along with Spanish legend Sergio Lull).

While San Pablo Burgos was not able to overcome Real Madrid, who remain undefeated this season, that didn’t stop our guy Vlatko from showing out. Čančar racked up 24 points and five rebounds in the loss. He displayed his soft touch around the basket and range out to the three point line. Check out below for some highlights of Vlatko’s game and from the match.