Paul Millsap sat down with the media following day two of training camp at San Diego State University. The big man spoke on what it takes to be a great defensive team and explained the benefit of continuity as he enters his second full season with the Denver Nuggets.

Below are some transcribed highlights from the scrum, followed by the full video:

On what it takes to crack the top five defensively: “I’ve always aimed high. I’m always looking to crack the top 5 in defense. I’ve been a part of some really good defensive teams. I would say it is hard to do, but it’s really not. You get guys locked in, on the same page, staying disciplined throughout the course of the year, you know, you can be a top 5 defensive team. That’s my goal, personally. I’m not sure what coach wants to do, personally, I want this team in the top five.”

On the benefit of continuity: “Last year was a whirlwind, coming from the east coast, coming in here to a different offense—this continuity, it’s completely different. Last year was a whirlwind mentally, and obviously physically, so I’m able to get out here now and be free, and run the plays, and get out there and just play basketball.”

Full Video: