Thursday night against the Clippers was a classic Nikola Jokic performance. Jokic came in, directed the offense with ease, hit some shots, made some ludicrous passes, and the Nuggets won easily against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Joker finished with a casual 18-14-10 line, good for his second triple-double in a row, fifth on the season, and 21st overall. Jokic has solidified himself as an MVP candidate, as dark of a horse as he may be.

This was a good one, too. Jokic had some highlight-reel worthy passes and plays, including a full court one-handed baseball pass made seemingly with his eyes on the back of his head, and a solo alley-oop layup to himself off the backboard. (Laying it up to himself off the backboard instead of dunking it is a pretty Jokic thing to do). Not to mention, the rest of the Nuggets were cooking and Jokic’s ability to create helped facilitate Denver’s success.

Check out the highlights below!