It’s difficult to say exactly what is going on in this video since there aren’t any subtitles and the video has no description but it appears to be Nikola Jokic being moved to tears by the welcome he received in his hometown of Sombor, Serbia. Jokic stands on a podium wearing his Serbian national team jersey and the silver medal draped around his neck. After speaking breifly, the crowd erupts into cheers of “Nikola! Nikola!”

If anyone has a translation for this video or any information about what exactly is going on, post it in the comments and we will add it to the story.

UPDATE: Translation from commenter PecaBelgrade below


"People I had made some speech, but I didn't believe so many people would come
So I don't think I will tell that speech.

"crowd cheering"


Thank you, thanks to mayor, thanks for the nice words, thanks to my people of Sombor, and thank you a lot, this means a lot to me, it is hard for me…

Crowd begins to cheer "Nikola! Nikola!" Nikola in tears


Was it harder in Rio or here now for you ?


It was easier in Rio…. dammit it (starts crying again)

h/t to reddit user _DrPepper.