We have been without basketball for what feels like forever now, which has left us wondering how to fill the time without sports in our life. Now is the perfect time to reminisce on old highlights and bask in the glory of something spectacular, like Nikola Jokic no-look passes.

During this down time, it brings to life all the highlights that the Nuggets superstar big man has put together over the years. A lot of the head scratching plays that almost seem unreal come from when Jokic makes a pass to a player you did not even realize was there.

Ahhh yes the awe inspiring no-look pass, which has become Jokic’s signature move over the years (that and the Sombor Shuffle shot). Well, the NBA put out a fantastic Tweet on Wednesday afternoon displaying all the best of Jokic’s no-look passes from the past five years, which is a fantastic trip down memory lane.

It seemed like just yesterday Jokic was throwing dimes to Wilson Chandler and Kenneth Faried, but those days have since turned to throwing awesome passes to Jerami Grant amongst others.

Point is, we need something to enjoy during this time, so if you have a second, watch the Jokic dimes once, twice, three times, maybe even four times! They really are that special.